Buffalo, New York

Physician Assistant Programs in Buffalo, New York

What are the best schools that offer physician assistant programs in Buffalo?

Buffalo, New York

The physician assistant master’s degree is a two-year program. Three physician assistant schools in New York State conduct admission interviews on campus. They include:

  • University at Buffalo. University at Buffalo is a public, doctoral research-intensive university in the State University of New York System. It is located in Buffalo, NY. It conducts admission interviews via Skype. They offer a pre-physician assistant program with a minimum GPA requirement hovering around 3.0.

General physician assistant information – what is a PA?

Physician assistants are healthcare professionals who practice medicine as part of a physician-led team and nurse practitioners. They practice in all specialties of medicine based on physician direction and supervision. Physician assistants perform a comprehensive history and physical exams, order tests and x-rays, diagnose illnesses, counsel on prevention, provide treatment through prescription or recommendation, and educate patients.

Physician assistants are nationally certified by the National Commission on Certification of physician assistants (NCCPA) to ensure skill and knowledge standards. They must pass national certification exams every ten years to ensure their practice meets current standards. Nationally board-certified physician assistants can seek out specialty training, depending upon their area.

How long is the Physician Assistant Program school in New York?

Most physician assistant programs are two years (48-60 semester hours), though some programs offer weekend schedules, making the program slightly longer.

Many physician assistant programs are hybrid or blended programs, which means that the first part of the physician assistant program is completed online with on-site physician assistant courses being taken in the second year.

The physician assistant program curriculum usually has a strong focus on clinical rotations where physician assistants gain direct experience working with real patients under the supervision of licensed physicians.

How Much does it cost to attend physician assistant school in the State of N.Y.?

Each physician assistant school sets its tuition and fees based on location, amount of financial aid offered, and academic quality. For example, physician assistants at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences pay an average tuition of $25,552 per year for physician assistant school. Check back here later for physician assistant schools in Buffalo, NY.

The average physician assistant program tuition ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 for a two-year physician assistant college degree. In addition to tuition costs, there are also expenses for textbooks, equipment, and uniforms that could total an additional $2,500 to $10,000.

PA Students at Canisius in Buffalo, NY
Physician Assistant Students at Canisius in Buffalo, New York

Opportunities for a Physician Assistant Career in Buffalo, NY

The physician assistant profession is growing rapidly, with physician assistants in demand across all medical specialties. A physician assistant career can be very rewarding for those who are passionate about working as part of a physician team.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, physician assistants are expected to grow by 39 percent between 2012-2022. This is much faster than the average projected growth rate for all occupations in the United States during that period.

The following are some of the career paths for physician assistants:

  • Physician – After graduating from physician assistant school, physician assistants may specialize in a specific area of medicine. For example, physician assistants specializing in surgery may work alongside surgeons during procedures.
  • Medical research – physician assistants, can also enter medical research careers where they conduct laboratory tests or analyze clinical drug trials.
  • Administrative – physician assistants are often part of the management teams in physician offices where they perform administrative duties such as billing and coding.
  • Education – physician assistants can also be educators. They teach physician assistant students, help to develop physician assistant curriculum, and review physician assistant student clinical placements.
  • Government and military – physician assistants may also find opportunities in government or the military working in occupational health centers or physical therapy centers.
  • Academics – physician assistants can also work as academics, conducting research and publishing physician assistant-related articles.
  • Industry – physician assistants, can also work in an industry where they play an important role in developing physician assistant focused technological advances and medical devices.
  • Entrepreneurship – physician assistants may also work in physician assistant entrepreneurship. For example, they can create their own physician assistant business or start a physician assistant professional association.
  • Athletic training – physician assistants, can also work in athletic training, performing physician assistant services for athletes before, during, and after sports events.
  • Sports medicine – physician assistants may provide physician assistant care for an entire team of athletes rather than just individual athletes.

Job opportunities in Buffalo

Indeed offers 72 positions as physician assistant within 25 miles of Buffalo.

Currently Available Positions in Buffalo

What are the physician assistant salary ranges in Buffalo?

The basic physician assistant salary range is $105,000 to $140,000 in Buffalo, NY.

It's important to note that physician assistants can often earn more depending on their specialty. For example, physician assistants at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences earned a median annual salary of $138,000 in 2016, while physician assistants working in physician offices earned a median annual income of $112,000 during the same period.

What's the difference between physician assistants and nurse practitioners?

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are both physician extenders. They provide many of the same services as physicians. The main differences between physician assistants and nurse practitioners are physician assistants:

1. Utilize a larger scope of practice than nurse practitioners, including skills such as minor surgery, anesthesia induction, and suturing.

2. Are trained in a physician assistant program while nurse practitioners are trained in a nursing school.

3. Have a physician overseeing their work while having the ability to take on more responsibility, such as writing prescriptions and performing procedures.

In addition, physician assistants must complete two years of physician assistant training, whereas nurse practitioners do not need any additional certification after obtaining a nursing degree.

Is it worth it to go to study to become a Physician Assistant in Buffalo or upstate New York?

Physician assistants are in demand across all medical specialties.

However, physician assistants will likely earn more money if they specialize in a specific area of medicine rather than working as general physician assistants. For example, physician assistants who work as part of a surgical team may have the potential to earn more money than physician assistants who work in physician offices.

Are physician assistants accredited?

Yes, physician assistants are highly-trained medical professionals who must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) to enter into a physician assistant program.

The Accreditation Review Commission must also accredit the physician assistant program on Education for the Physician Assistant. This ensures that physician assistants receive highly-effective physician assistant training and clinical Education.


Physician assistants play a pivotal role in the physician assistant health care team. This is an important career for anyone who wants to give physician assistant care and help patients diagnose and treat disease.