2015 Scholarship Winner

The recipient of the 2015 OPAP Scholarship is Courtney Gilley (19), of Iowa State University.

Winning Essay

Courtney Gilley, Iowa State University
Courtney Gilley, Iowa State University

I’ve had a battle trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. I came into college dead set on becoming an elementary education teacher. After volunteering in a 2nd grade classroom, I figured out it was not for me. Then I switched to psychology just because it interested me a lot and I wanted to learn more about it.

Turns out I liked the anatomy of the brain more than why the brain works like it does. Naturally, I will be switching to Kinesiology and want to become a Physician’s Assistant.

My mom is a RN that works at local hospital and hearing her stories is what first got me interested. Now that I know the path I want to be on, I am getting very excited about my future and what is to come.

I knew I wanted a career that is rewarding and different everyday. I know that I will come home from work satisfied and eager for the next day to come. This scholarship will push me one step closer to my dream.