Physician Assistant Programs In Wyoming

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wyomingHow To Become A Physician Assistant In Wyoming

When it comes to becoming a physician assistant in Wyoming, one of the many benefits of doing so is that in addition to the fact that this is a very rewarding job, from a professional and from a financial point of view, there are several different career paths that you can take in order to become a certified physician assistant. If you are still in high school, then it is of utmost importance to plan an academic focus on science, math, chemistry and biology, as this will significantly increase your chances of being accepted to a Bachelor’s degree-level training program, where the competition is known to be intense.

If you want to achieve your Physician Assistant-Certified designation faster and to speed up your formal education process, then you can easily do that by enrolling in an Associate’s of Science degree training program in physician assisting, before you move on to applying for a Master’s degree in the field. Regardless of whether you plan to attend a live school or you want to enroll in an online training program where you have a lot more freedom and independence in terms of organizing your own study and work schedule, the eligibility requirements are always the same.

Now that you know what you have to do in order to become a certified physician assistant, another very important aspect that you need to consider is the accreditation – focus only on ARC-PA approved physician assistant training programs, and remember that the overall training period may last for as much as six years. Also, it is very important to carefully inspect the curriculum of each training program and to make sure that it involves classes in medical imaging, disease diagnosis, human anatomy, physiology and such.

Physician Assistant Job Description

Just like the name of this profession suggests, physician assistants are skilled and highly trained health care providers who work closely with licensed physicians, surgeon, nurses and other medical professionals. These professionals have the chance to pursue further certification (The CAQ, or the Certificate of Added Qualifications) and they can specialize in emergency medicine, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, family medicine, cardiac surgery, neurology, oncology and a plethora of other medical specialties, some of which are more rewarding and better paid than others.

That being said, the duties of a physician assistant can be partly influenced by the degree of experience of each PA, the amount of formal training he or she has received, as well as the employee. These professionals can diagnose diseases, they can treat patients, prescribe treatments and medications, they can order and interpret laboratory tests, counsel patients and their family, provide pre operative and post operative medical care services, educate the patient on various illnesses and diseases and how they can be kept under control, and so forth.

Physician Assistant In Wyoming – Certification Requirements

The certification requirements that each physician assistant in Wyoming must meet are simple and straightforward: upon graduating from the ARC-PA approved physician assistant training program, these skilled health care professionals must pass the PANCE examination, which consists of 300 multiple choice questions designed to check the medical comprehension and the surgical skills of the applicant, and which can take up to six hours to complete.

Some of the topics approached during the PANCE examination include dermatology, neurology, hematology, infectious diseases, clinical intervention, pharmaceutical therapy, basic science, maintaining the patient’s overall health, the reproductive system, the musculoskeletal system, the genitourinary system, nutrition and the gastrointestinal system and so forth. The certification is set to expire every 10 years, and all certified physician assistants in the state of Wyoming must meet the continuing medical education credit requirements and must also sit for a PANRE recertification examination every decade in order to renew it.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Wyoming PA’s compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Physician Assistant Programs In Wyoming

At the time being, there are no ARC-PA approved physician assistant training programs in the state of Wyoming, although those who truly want to pursue a lucrative career in the field and to obtain their nationwide certification alongside their Wyoming state license can do that by enrolling in an online-based physician assistant training program. Future PAs can also get the practical, hands-on experience they so much need throughout their career by offering as volunteers at some of the largest health care facilities and hospitals in the state of Wyoming, such as the Wyoming Medical Center, the Campbell County memorial Hospital or the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.