Physician Assistant Programs In Alaska

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alaskaHow To Become A Physician Assistant In Alaska

The rules and requirements for becoming a certified PA or physician assistant in Alaska are the same that apply to most US states. Having said that, the first step you need to take is graduating from high school with coursework in mathematics and science, and then to complete a coursework of at least 24 months in the field of sciences. In order to enroll in these training programs, you will have to have a Bachelor’s Degree, given the fact that most physician assistant programs in Alaska do require some in-depth training in fields like physiology or anatomy. After you get accepted, you need to complete the two-year training program which includes both practical and theoretical training, and after that you should consider becoming licensed.

Physician Assistant In Alaska – Job Description, Duties And Responsibilities

Physician assistants are medical professionals of utmost importance for any health care setting. That being said, PAs are highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals who are fully licensed to practice medicine under the attention of a licensed Medical Doctor. In the state of Alaska, physician assistants have a series of duties and responsibilities, most of which include a combination of administrative tasks and medical tasks, depending on their work environment. These professionals are usually hired in state hospitals or private physician’s offices, although it is not uncommon for physician assistants who work in rural areas in Alaska to work independently and to open their own clinic or private practices.

When it comes to the job duties and responsibilities that physician assistants have in Alaska, it must be said that they are quite varied given the fact that PAs are found in all surgical and medical specialties. Having said that, physician assistants are trained to record and compile the patient medical histories, to order and then to interpret the patient diagnostic tests (including x-rays, laboratory exams as well as electrocardiograms) or to perform various physical examinations and to attend both minor and major surgical interventions in the operating room, along with a fully licensed MD.

It is not uncommon for physician assistants to also perform various therapeutic procedures, such as applying casts for treating fractures or suturing wounds, and it is also the duty of these health care professionals to carefully monitor the evolution of the patient under the close supervision of the licensed physician. In some cases, PAs may even be required to come up with tailored treatment plans for each patient based on their medical diagnosis, as well as to counsel both the patients and their families about risk management and preventive care measures that must be taken in order to keep a condition or an illness under control. Unlike it happens in many other US states, physician assistants who work in Alaska are allowed to prescribe controlled substances as well as medications in order to treat various conditions.

The job of physician assistant is one of the most appreciated and most sought-after medical positions in the state of Alaska, and it is also one with the best job outlooks, given the fact that an increasing number of institutions from the health care industry have started to hire more physician assistants in order to provide primary care and to assist with different surgical ad medical procedures. It often happens that PAs in Alaska also work for different nursing homes and tribal health organizations, in addition to private offices and clinics.

Licensing And Certification

It is the duty of the ASMB or the Alaska State Medical Board to regulate the job of Physician Assistant in the state, and in order to be able to legally work in this state all PAs must be certified by the NCCPA, or the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Alaska PA’s compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Physician Assistant Programs In Alaska

When it comes to the physician assistant programs available in Alaska, it must be said that the University of Alaska offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. This is basically a 24-month collaborative effort with the University of Washington and it aims to create more physician assistants who want to work in rural areas. MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program has been training PAs in the state of Alaska for more than 40 years, and after completing the two-year training program offered by MEDEX students can sit for the National Certifying Examination for Physician Assistants, as described above.